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I agree that it is only one side of the story, but I guarantee it is accurate.

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Has anyone else been treated this way by any of the girls with Class and Elegance? Since she was not working for a few days prior to our date I did not expect to receive a confirmation from her nor did I send a text to confirm due to her earlier comments re elegance escort replying on days off.

However, supposing what you said was accurate then yes, you are the victim. Upon learning this today I have apologized to Tatyannah. Until now I have not had any problems with this agency. Yes, it was an assumption, but based on what had transpired I think it was a logical assumption, just misguided.

Top Elegance escort. Vehicle Body Covers. It appeared to me that Lexi had talked to her and they had both blocked or blacklisted me You might be interested in. An apology if you're lucky. So, after not getting any response from either of them, I contacted Terrie, who rents the apartments to the girls.

Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Safe and Secure Payments. You're often expected to give a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation I've elegance escort up to a weekelse you must pay a cancellation fee, or even the full price of admission. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. I apologize this happened to you.

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She stated that she does not reply to texts when she is not elegance escort and we set up the appointment. Usually delivered in 3 days? We have to take your with a grain of salt, as it's only one side of the story. Car Body Covers. After not receiving a reply from her for a few days I sent a followup text. Apr 15, 8, This is why my phone has gone unanswered to most inquiries. It also protects the internal engine parts from rust and dust. Jan 17, 94 Local Hookups.

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Thanks for your support. I will be looking for her to return. I have been a regular client of Class and Elegance for over 5 years and almost always had a good experience. She then badmouthed you to the other girls to have you blacklisted, and even won over Elegance escort who, after all, makes her living from renting to the girls, not you.

I waiting half an hour at the apartment and she did not show up. Search Advanced…. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor covering of your Car. I never blacklisted you love, nor was there ever any conversation between Elegance escort and I about a client being blacklisted. She abruptly ended the conversation. About a month later the opportunity presented itself again for me to have a date and I contacted Lexi again.

In the past I have had the occasional date cancelled, but the girl was elegance escort apologetic about it. I choose to use the Whitby location as it is within walking distance for me and I do not have a car on days that I am able to have a date. Velvets Active member. Assumption guilty Easy returns. I guess some are not as professional as others.

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I'd be frustrated too if I drove to the appointed place only to find out the SP had forgotten. Automotive Accessories.

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Any claim for waterproofing is not covered under warranty. Have doubts regarding this product? She can be mean and unfair. I don't understand this. Lexi at Class and Elegance. No response from her either.

I went anyway, figuring it was just a quirky thing that she did not reply. Search titles only. I guess I could try again. Tatyanna sounds like a class act to me. Sugar Babies. I expressed my frustration and disappointment in our brief text conversation and suggested she find a better way to keep track of her appointments, but never did I use profanity or become rude. Terrie does not do that for us. I elegance escort since sent Terrie about five texts I am the victim here and I am being punished.

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I find it unfair that my name is involved, when you and I have never even spoken love, how am I to blame? I have not had the pleasure of her company yet, elegance escort look forward to meeting her. Thread starter biml Start date May 7, Just posting this as a warning to guys about Lexi.

I expressed my condolences to Terrie and agreed to wait. This industry, more than most, is full of self-centered people. The scale is tipped against you as the elegance escort. It guards the painted or leather from UV rays. Explore Plus. Only Stiching issues will be replaced with a new product. She did not respond at all.

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Be the first to Review this product. I went home and texted her again asking what had happened. The OP has made a of assumptions here that have directly resulted in what he is upset about. Yet if a lady cancels elegance escort minute or fails to show, what do you get? The displayed product images are for representational purposes only.

I have been seeing mostly regular clientele since the new year. The morning of the date I sent a text and did not receive a response. The specifications segment below gives accurate details of the elegance escort. Suitable for all weather conditions, easy to handle. Thread Next Thread. Lesson 1 in this industry is never make assumptions. Jan 23, 1 0 1. The product can be used for both indoor and outdoor covering of Car. May 6, 5 0 0.