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Ron Swanson has activities like woodworking, building, fixing things, etc. Search for:. It is why Diane is such a good influence on ron swanson personality type. Donna, the co-founder of the phrase "Treat Yo-Self," is defined as an "Entrepreneur" type, same as Tom.

Mike Ehrmantraut 0. What this causes in Ron is to stick with what he knows, is comfortable with, and comes naturally to him. Unknown January 18, at AM. You are all part of the team equally. As the show goes on, Tom gets better at balancing work and fun. But work has to come third. It's almost more systematic or strategical.

He makes her children cry using his Ti to divide the last crown, that belongs to one of two of her daughters, on Halloween. He has NO loyalty to the government that he works for. Like his ESTP counterpart Donna, he hates being bored and being preoccupied with work and chores he considers below him. Trait Average rating Rank Rating standard deviation of raters frank not sugarcoated They are energetic and fun-loving and they tend to love sensory things such as food, clothing and other things around them.

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They love thinking about complex ideas and adding to them or finding an answer to a hard question. Tertiary Function, Introverted iNuition, Ni: This function shows itself in ISTPs in the form of sticking with activities and thoughts that the meaning of which makes sense to them. It makes him a great leader.

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INTPs tend to be analytical thinkers and observers who like to think about things beneath what they see. If you don't want to see it, chances are she has, supplementing her knowledge of the fascinating, nerdy, and obscure. We see this when Chris tries to revamp the work place and put people in new positions. INFJs tend to be private individuals, often really great at understanding others' emotions and feelings.

Home Authors Hayla R. Awesome job. It's not that Judgers can't be spontaneous, it's just that they tend to be more methodical about choosing something, rather than waffling back and forth on a decision, as Perceivers tend to do. Nice character analysis! Especially, when his chair is up for an award. Ron swanson personality type will always fulfill a commitment he makes to her. In Se, you can see how ron swanson personality type his secondary function can make him and how he can deal with his situation with Chris in a more objective manner, but his first reaction was with his dominant function, Ti, which he is most comfortable with.

Though he's not one to ever crack when it comes to having fun, like his ISTJ counterpart Ben, he likes to take great time and pride in his hobbies and expressions of art, such as woodworking. The table shows the average rating the character received for each trait in the survey. For an ISTP like Ron, his secondary function helps balance his individual life with his outer life of relationships and society.

He finds himself to be happier when he is pulled out of the loop. Despite having no loyalty to the government, his Ti gives him the ability to be a great leader for the workers he manages in the Parks Department. So I need to stay away from Chris. She feels free to treat herself and others if they deserve it and holds her environment up to certain standards. Sure, not everyone is going to appreciate her Which hurts her.

He gets along with most people, even having a successful relationship with April who hates peopleand puts trust and emotion in every sort of positive relationship he puts effort into. It is why it is so adorable to see how enthusiastic he gets with each of his creations. She's kind and finds it easy to take others apart and knows her worth, always willing to speak up and stand up for issues as she sees fit. They're all terrible Like Ben, Ron is a "Logistician.

Follow by. Jerry is a 'Defender' Type: someone who protects and defends at all costs. Once obsessed with a certain activity like his wood-work he is more part of that experience than experiencing it. It makes sense to him. They love novelty and adventure and love trying new things and meeting new people.

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They may be ron swanson personality type to get to know, but once you get to know them, they open up and share. This arises again when he wants to be off the grid. Best friend I ever had. Because the questions are bipolar adjective pairs, they are reversible i. Usually morality is attributed to the Fi function, but Ti is also one that has the facet ron swanson personality type morality intertwined in it.

He sees how Tom being the extraverted person he is, works best not in a confined space but with people. A leader and positive enforcer in many of his relationships, Chris acts on behalf of the whole's needs rather than the individual, usually convinced it's on everyone's behalf. This is where many see dominant Si in Ron Swanson, because it can look very similar to Si stereotypes. Most similar Least similar Mike Ehrmantraut 0. Unknown June 14, at PM. Defenders are incredibly kind, enthusiastic, and generous, ready to support their loved ones at their own expense and share their resources.

When people try to enforce a role on him or try to control him he is extremely resistant. ENFJs like to be liked. He keeps wanting to recede into his Ti and Ni, ignoring his Fe. His Se when working properly gives him the awareness of what everyone can contribute to a team.

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Break the second crown and they both have equal amounts of crown, no crown. This completely aligns with Donna's type as she loves new ventures, investing, traveling, and hates being bored, mistreated, or underestimated.

He has shared the experience of working with her.

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They're energetic and compassionate--exactly describing Andy as a character as well. By Chaiana Galicia Published Mar 18, April is brilliant and uses this to her advantage. It is believed that this applies because 1 the use is transformative, 2 only a small low quality portion of the total work is used, and 3 its use does not compete and harm the ability of the owner to financially profit off of their work. And, -1 implying that if a character is high on specific trait, the other one is low on it.

Share Share Tweet 0. This makes sense as she, in her career working for Parks and Recreation and as a politician, actively does what she thinks is best for everyone, including rude strangers to whom she owes nothing to. Ron, like a lot of ISTPs, enjoys sensory things and experiences and hands-on hobbies.

It is why Ron Swanson is so suspect of the system of government and wants to cut it down to as small as possible. This summarizes crowd sourced ratings of their personality collected from users of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz.

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He's active, athletic, and inspiring, though sometimes he can steamroll over other people's efforts, happiness, and situations when he believes it's for the greater good. These individuals are extroverted, incredibly observant, and adventurous. The table also shows this character's relative rank on that trait compared to all other characters in the database. We see this in Ron Swanson in his lack of loyalty to where he works.

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He is receding into his Ti in a very personal sense. She's incredibly attentive to her friendships and even acquaintances. This is a perfect example of Tom. They like to do things that will improve people's lives on a personal level or a big level; either way, they want to make things better. Ti is not an objective process. For a Ti dominant when they get so focused on personal, subjective, and immediate experiences their outlook can be quite narrowed.

She's imaginative and open to things that others usually aren't, as a "logician. Ann's a nurse and she truly cares about it, so I think this fits her very well. Link Back. He sees others as independent beings who are equal to him. CollegeGal17 April 13, at PM. Leslie also makes up holidays as an excuse to give people presents. Are there any you don't agree with me on? In their relationships, Defenders take great joy in harboring and taking care of their family. Because of this spontaneity, they may overextend themselves because they don't want to miss out ron swanson personality type the fun.

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ENFPs tend to be passionate, curious, people-lovers. Personality types according to various systems can be derived from the character's traits.