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No Membership History on file. Note that only admins can reset a control panel user's password. Work Experience No data exists. This can be used as a way of describing the amount of your nation's resources spent in developing a relationship with Joseph. It is possible to post a note directly to a user's profile using the Note tab in the contact form see above. No Resources are ased to constituent.

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Click this button to access the Organization Profile of the organization for which the constituent is a contact. You can connect Joseph to his family members and co-workers using relationships. How to keep track of relationships Relationships between people and organizations How to use paths How activity streams work How to edit primary address Geocoding addresses Viewing donations in a profile Expenditures How to use invoices How public profile s work How following works Notification s Understanding virtual currency Currency in profiles and filters Merge duplicate profiles.

The New membership tab allows you to add an additional membership to the profile. View a biographic profile. Year If academic information exists for the constituent in the system, the class year appears as person profile view link.

Is there a real way to see who views your profile on facebook?

Clearance Required If this check box is selected, clearance is required before contacting the constituent. Enable voters to see the vote and party member stats. Which paths are available and which step the will be logged on follows the same logic described above for posting a private note. Written by Kev O'Connor Updated over a week ago. You will see the option Friends, click on it and All Person profile view. Biographic Information This data region displays compiled biographical data, including date of death. Therefore, if you are not an admin and you are viewing a control panel user's profile, this section will be hidden.

The segmentation section could indicate what kind of relationship the person profile view has with your. Involvement Summary. Since voter history is static information, you cannot edit it from a person's profile. You can use a filter to gather people based on details in their voter history, e.

This table lists each data region and the profile view that contains it:. All paths connected to a profile can be viewed in the Paths section of a profile. No Constituent Attachments on file. These items can also be updated from the finances section of a profile.

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Additionally, if someone logs into their Twitter or Facebook, that information is saved to person profile view profile. Since notes represent interaction with a person, you have the option of logging the note to a path. Decedent Data. Prospect Manager Displays the name of the constituent's ased prospect manager. Preferred The check box is selected next to the preferred address on file in the system. Related Links Viewing a Prospect Profile. Understand the elements of a person's profile A person's profile serves as the central hub for all of their information and their relationship with your nation.

Take a look at the People You May Know section. Ased Resources No data exists. As you collapse and expand each profile view, the system populates the data regions within the view. You can submit an RSVP for any upcoming event in your nation by selecting it from the dropdown menu.

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The note will be recorded on the current path step. The system displays messages at the bottom of the based on the following conditions:. You can send Joseph an person profile view clicking. You can also add known social media s in this section of a person's profile. If you enable voters, you'll be able to view and update unique identifiers from the ID section of a person's profile. Common Fields Some fields on this are not dependent on which profile view is expanded. View a commitment profile.

Organization Contacts Organization Contact Detail. Facebook has stated that they do not allow for users to keep track of who has seen their profile and that third-party apps cannot track it […]. You must click the Save person button at the bottom of the to save any person profile view. Profile photosbio, and website can be edited in the Profile section of a profile.

The system always displays the following information at the top of the : constituent name, ID, constituent type, class year, institution, spouse button if a spousal relationship exists3Cs buttons, and a button to access the FERPA Bio Demo. Support level is 1 or 2.

Understand the elements of a person's profile

Historical Giving. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If a seasonal address is in effect, the system indicates that by displaying a "Seasonal" message. A control panel user can be ased to oversee the completion of a step on a path. Their public profile will exist at www. Potential matches will also be automatically suggested once a day within your nation.

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Resources are ased to constituent. If this check box is selected, clearance is required before contacting the constituent. These columns display the group or subgroup to which the volunteer belongs. This section provides an overview of person profile views and discusses how to: View general person profile information.

This means that Hadia encouraged Joseph to my nation. Did this answer your question? This stat is determined by programming logic and cannot be updated manually. This table lists the information sections in this view and the s from which person profile view system derives the information:. Access the Person ProfileCommitment Profile view.

Background note

Each addresses will be geocoded and the address can be updated to its geocoded location. If a person forgets the password they created to to your nation, we recommend having them click the Forget your password? Register. The path will then person profile view as active on the person's profile, and the person will be placed on the first step of the path.

If a Twitter isn't connected, the photo will be pulled in from a Facebook or LinkedIn profile if those are connected.

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Religious Preferences. Transaction Register Click this link to access the Transaction Register to view more giving details. Click a link to access the Volunteer Asment Detail for the constituent.

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Rule violations are also listed in this area of the profile. You can also be notified when a note is posted to person profile view profile. Membership History on file. When you follow another person person profile view your nationyou receive notifications when the person takes action. Relationship Academic Information. Work Experience. Having a single person who bears responsibility for a person helps to build a relationship with them over time, enriching their connection to your nation. Preferred The check box is selected next to the preferred phone on file in the system.

Some fields on this are not dependent on which profile view is expanded. When a person interacts with your social media profile attached to your broadcaster, a new profile will be created and saved into your People database. Phone s Electronic Addresses. With invoices enabled, the finances section will include revenue, credit, and prepaid information. No Academic Information on file.

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View a participation profile. Even if these people are not always going on your profilethey are very likely the people who tend to see and interact with your posts in the Feed. Click the Return button to return to the Person Profile.

Profile overview

The id listed is their NationBuilder ID, this is a unique identifier that is added automatically when their profile is created. Every action a person person profile view in your nation either spends or earns virtual currency. Click the link to launch your application and send a message to the constituent. Iva Djukic. If Joseph's profile already indicates he has a relationship with one or more organizationsthe record of sending this can also be added to his organization's profile.

This is an internal summary of who the person is and how they relate to your organization.

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Organization Contacts No data exists. No Academic Information is on file for any related person. The "nb" is their username within your nation. Right under Jolynn's name is her background note.